“Public Speaking”- a tough task!

18 Jun

Hello Chum,

Are you afraid of public speaking?

If no, you are lucky. But if yes, you are one among us millions who shiver thinking of standing on stage!

And when you ask for help, I’m sure you will find these suggestions:

  • First make sure you Read and learn the content of speech very well. Because we need to deal with the other problem of stage fear. So, the speech matter shouldn’t be an additional worry.
  • Practise in front of mirror. Imagine that the audience is in front of you.
  • Meditation, Excercises etc.,

Apart from this, the suggestions you get are just a waste of time as you listen and forget them.

Hey we have not lost yet!

According to me, none other than Tracy Goodwin can help us better in improving our Public Speaking abilities.

I am a great fan of Tracy Goodwin (caption:The Red Sweater Lady).Tracy Goodwin has a masters in corporate communication and 10 years experience in professional speaking.

Her series of Video demonstrations  really unburden the great problem of Public Speaking!

Here’s a sample video of her demos on youtube:

There by please follow her series. I assure you – its going help a lot!

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