Day & Night ~ Life

7 Jul
Hi Chum,

Today, I was thinking about one of the wonderful creations of god. “The day and night”. How they resemble our life, is awesome.

Day & Night describe the Happiness & Sorrow of our Life. After a warm day, there is sure to be a dark night. Similarly, there ought to be some worrisome time in our life.

When a night comes, we are not shocked. We don’t feel bad about it. We don’t cry on it. Because, we know that there’s surely a bright day ahead. Instead of crying, we enjoy the beauty of night.

But then, why are we so glum and sad towards some silly bad times of our lives? There’s sure to be a happy day light towards the other end of the dark time. So, why do we get so scared of it?

The day looks bright only because we see the night. Similarly, The happiness also looks as a boon only after seeing the glum.

So, don’t let the difficult times be hard on to you. Pray to God. Trust him. He is  always with you. All these small interruptions shouldn’t deviate your way from success. So, Don’t worry.. Be Happy!

All the best in every step of your life!


7 Responses to “Day & Night ~ Life”

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