Say Sorry to ‘Worry’!

12 Jul

What can be a very good example t0 a Silent-Killer…..???
The answer to this question should surely be …”Worry”.

What could be worse than a horror movie not reaching its climax? Worry is very much similar to this. Our thoughts roam around a particular point however far we try to travel.

So, from now on, when you think of worrying.. please remember its destructive effects on your health and your life. Sometimes we experience a sense of intoxication or dooming kind of feeling, which is due to too much of worry and anxiety. Thinking the negative effects of the present, past and the future leads to worry.

The people who keep consistently thinking of the negative aspects of life, and consistently focus on only the bad times of their life, end up with losing the capacity to face the challenges of life. They are just closing their eyes towards the brighter side of life. They forget to (or just don’t want to ) see the positivity!

What the Holy Books Say of Worry?

There are millions of quotes that resemble the above verses in Quran!!!!


There are millions of quotes that resemble the above verses in Bible!!!!

Not only them, almost all the holy books say this.

So, Stop worrying. Trust your god.. Trust in whatever you do.. And believe that there is no need of worry in our life.
Question yourself the use of worry. The answer will show you the way!!!!!

All the best in every step of your life!


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