Indian Browser, Epic!

25 Jul

Epic is a new browser, especially designed for Indians!!! It is designed by the software development company “Hidden Reflex” (An indian company, first to develop a browser).

It is powered by Mozilla. Hence its tools, menubars, download speed, are similar to Firefox.. which is a positive point. It has an in-built antivirus, which scans all the downloads automatically and also provides us an  option to scan our system too. Thats amazing, isn’t it?

Well, the most important feature of this browser is yet to be explained. That is the sidebar. Its the first browser with a side bar. It has 1500+ applications in this sidebar. I tried them, and I really liked them. We can easily access facebook, orkut, twitter etc.. from this sidebar too.

And as it is an Indian browser.. It has two things that are specifically for Indians: 1.Extensive Indian Languages Support 2.Very Good Collection of Indian Themes and Wallpapers.

Click Here for additional details. (i.e,go to epicbrowser official website)!!!

I have used this and my ratings are 2.5/5


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