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Aim it

1 Sep
Well every human being has some goals,wishes,dreams,etc.,and  some  will achieve them but some may not.Because they might not fight all the way for it.Of course every one will fight but there are some things which stops them in fighting…

1.”Laziness” which is the biggest enemy for every human being.

2.Do not having a specific goal.

3.Lack of concentration,mind deviation,etc

4.May be lack of good circumstances.

5.Over confidence

Of course there may be lot more but these are the major ones.

In order to achieve their goals one should not be lazy,he should be in a position to say what is laziness.Better being away from it rather than fighting against this enemy. physical laziness leads to mental laziness.So first be perfect physically.Morning jogging,gym,exercises,will help you a lot. so let us practise them.

Next thing is not having a specific goal.this is the most common thing in many students.they want to do every thing or not any thing.they should know which one will suits them better.It is always encouraging in the thing  he/she first choose your goal.

Concentration is most important thing.Without that one can do should improve his concentration power more and practising meditation yoga is always encouraging.
well actually to say there is nothing like good and bad circumstances every thing lies in our thinking and our hands.find best one in your way itself and try to be top in the field you in and you one can change his fate he/she can turn his bad luck to good luck

And finally over confidence.It creates all the above things.No one help the one who has over let be confidence but not over.

There is a good comparision of human being with fire.Man from his birth will be burning always.Burning with hunger,wish,money,to live,temper,etc,. we are divided into two catogories one burning like wood and finally endup as ash and other burning like a lamp and showing the way to others

“So do not end up as just ash but show some way to others before you become ash”.



30 Aug
Hey guys CARPEDIEM, one of the top fest of India which has been celebrating since 2002 is coming again to rock you.
we the students of CBIT organising it every year very grandly and with same courage we are going forward.Every one is welcome to take part and participate in this fest.
There are many events waiting for you.Come on its time to bring out your talent………..for more details log on to


9 Jul
Hey chums,This section is a c/c++ tutorial where the basic concepts and some typical C programs can be discussed.

Learn.. Share.. and even Ask your doubts..!

Concepts soon to be added, but the doubts submission is open even now.. We will reply to your doubts in the least time possible!

Lets Enjoy ‘C’ ing!!!

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Warren Buffet

7 Jul
How many of you know about Warren buffet?

Well might be less, He is the person resembles positive attitude.Now we will have a glance on  philosophies and life history of the second richest person who have donated $31 billion to charity.

1.He bought his first share at age 11 and now he regrets that he started too late!

One should not delay the things but should accomplish them in time”

2.He bought a small farm at age 14 with savings from newspaper delivery!

“One could have bought many things from little savings

So encourage your self in startingH some kind of business.”

3.He still lives in his small 3-bedroom house in mid town Omaha, that he bought after he got married i.e., 50 years ago.he says that   he had every thing he needs in that house.

“Don’t buy more than what you really need”.

4.He drives his own car everywhere and does not have a driver or security people around him.

“you are what you are”.

5.He never travels by a private jet,although he owns the world’s largest private jet company.

” Always think how you can accomplish things economically”.

6.His company Berkshire Hathaway,owns 63 companies.He writes  only one letter each year to the CEOS  of these companies,giving them goals for the year.He never holds meetings or calls them on a regular basis.

“Assign right people to the right jobs”

7.He has given his CEO’S only two rules .

Rule no.1:Do not loose any of your share holder’s money.

Rule no.2: Do not forget rule no.1

8.Bill gates the world’s richest man met him for the first time only five years ago.He did not think that he had any thing common with Warren he had scheduled his meeting for only half an hour. But when Gates met him, the meeting lasted for ten hours and Gates became a devotee of Warren Buffet.

His advices to young people:

-> stay away from credit cards and bank loans and invest in yourself.

-> Money doesn’t create man but it is man who created money.

-> Live your life as simple as you are.

-> Don’t do what others say,just listen them,but do what you feel good.

> Do not go on brand name,just wear those things in which you feel comfortable.

-> Do not waste money on unnecessary things,just spend on them who relly in need rather.

->After all it’s your life then why give chance to others to rule our life.



5 Jul

It is a very tough situation to face, when we are about to know our  exam results. The thought about negative results breaks us down. And.. By any chance, or any reason.. If we get failed.. it is obvious that we get upset and frustrated.

Some do not care about it, but there are a few who opt to kill themselves! Isn’t it foolish?!

Not only in exams, in any aspect of your life, there are several situations that may appear to be ironical. But its just a part of life!

Everyone of us, should recognize that failing is not a curse at all. It is the first step of success. Do you know about Einstein..?! He  had failed in his examinations too and the unbelievable thing is, that he was scared of mathematics untill his secondary education.  But see, He has been the person who had used the brain more than anyone else in the world so far! So, you never know what the life has left ahead for you!