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Interviews and Placements Guide

1 Aug

Are you getting ready for placements! Undoubtedly, most of us rely on internet for our preparation. But, we sometimes, we get so involved in searching for the sites instead of the actual practice.

That is why, I am listing a few useful sites which will be very much useful during your practice! The following sites will help you a lot in the preparation:

1. M4Maths: 

I consider this as the best site which will help you  clear the written test! It has all varieties of questions papers from various written tests of several companies. Practice the respective papers before attending the company. Cover as many papers as you can and don’t waste time for the one’s which trouble you!

2. FreshersWorld: 

This one is also similar to M4Maths.  Its upto you, how you choose the papers from both the sites! Improving your aptitude skills is the main motto!

3. Indiabix:

Keep referring this site whenever you are free. It covers almost all the key subjects. By reading them, you gain the knowledge  which helps you a lot in the technical rounds and some of the bits in written test too.

4. TechPreparation: 

This has resources for all the rounds of a placement process. You will find aptitude questions, interview questions, placement papers, guides to improve your soft skills, resume writing etc. On a whole it covers almost everything!

– All the above sites will help you to clear all the rounds in a placement, but for final HR round, you need to be yourselves! You should know about you, your strengths, your weaknesses, your achievements and whatever you speak, be truthful and be confident!

– There are many other sites similar to the sites I have listed. If you want the alternatives, Just google them 😉 I am only describing the sites that I have already used and found useful and according to me, they are more than enough!

Final word – “Finding the resources will not be enough. Effective usage is all that matters!”

Turbo C++ v4.5, Download & Install Procedure

10 Jul

TurboC++ v4.5: (Download and Install for free!!!)

Procedure Of Installation:

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9 Jul
Hey chums,This section is a c/c++ tutorial where the basic concepts and some typical C programs can be discussed.

Learn.. Share.. and even Ask your doubts..!

Concepts soon to be added, but the doubts submission is open even now.. We will reply to your doubts in the least time possible!

Lets Enjoy ‘C’ ing!!!

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5 Jul

It is a very tough situation to face, when we are about to know our  exam results. The thought about negative results breaks us down. And.. By any chance, or any reason.. If we get failed.. it is obvious that we get upset and frustrated.

Some do not care about it, but there are a few who opt to kill themselves! Isn’t it foolish?!

Not only in exams, in any aspect of your life, there are several situations that may appear to be ironical. But its just a part of life!

Everyone of us, should recognize that failing is not a curse at all. It is the first step of success. Do you know about Einstein..?! He  had failed in his examinations too and the unbelievable thing is, that he was scared of mathematics untill his secondary education.  But see, He has been the person who had used the brain more than anyone else in the world so far! So, you never know what the life has left ahead for you!


Difficulty in Studies!!!

23 Jun
Hi Chum,
Do you also feel difficulty in studying. Does a book work as sleeping pill for you. Well, this is a general problem of many students. Lets try to solve this problem!

Study Stress

But, If you are thinking of becoming a sincere student in one day, with a sudden drastic change, I’m afraid you’re going to forget about the idea, by this time tomorrow 😉 !

If you really want yourself to get involved in studies, be prepared that this will take time. Strong determination is suggested by everyone, but I know how difficult it is to wear it in a day!

Follow step by step measures to build yourself.

  • First trust yourself. Some people just discourage themselves by saying that it’s not their cup of tea. This will take you nowhere. Remember, “Nothing is unachievable in this world when you trust yourself.”

Even Einstein was weak in Mathematics. But he trusted himself, and I need not tell you about his works in Mathematics and Physics!

  • Love your studies. I know its very difficult but convince your heart by saying “I love studies”. Let yourself have an artificial love for some days. Look out how it turns to true love.
  • Don’t just depend on your text-book. Don’t study your subject for your exams. Go for practical thinking. Browse about the particular topic of the day online.

For example, the topic is about an engine. Don’t just by heart the topic given in  your text-book. Try to find out about engine in general manner, by observing it directly. Google search “an engine”. Study practically how it works! What are its parts. What is each part doing in there. Learn it with a will that you know everything about an engine. Then you will be in a position to write everything about it in the exam!

  • Explain to others. “What can I explain when I myself don’t know anything?”, Is this your question. Try explaining the little things you know about a particular topic to a friend weaker than you in studies. See how you clarify your doubts while explaining him!
  • Ask doubts frankly. Many of us feel it difficult to stand up during the class and ask doubt. It may be a critical one or a silly one. But if you really feel shy to ask in front of every one, then first try to ask the teacher when the explanation is finished. Later you will gain courage to ask during class.

Remember: “He who asks may be a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask remains a fool forever”.

  • Pray your God. Yes, This is a common solution to every little problem in life. Ask him anything with love. He will surely give you. 🙂

All the best. May you be one among the top students of your class!

“Public Speaking”- a tough task!

18 Jun

Hello Chum,

Are you afraid of public speaking?

If no, you are lucky. But if yes, you are one among us millions who shiver thinking of standing on stage!

And when you ask for help, I’m sure you will find these suggestions:

  • First make sure you Read and learn the content of speech very well. Because we need to deal with the other problem of stage fear. So, the speech matter shouldn’t be an additional worry.
  • Practise in front of mirror. Imagine that the audience is in front of you.
  • Meditation, Excercises etc.,

Apart from this, the suggestions you get are just a waste of time as you listen and forget them.

Hey we have not lost yet!

According to me, none other than Tracy Goodwin can help us better in improving our Public Speaking abilities.

I am a great fan of Tracy Goodwin (caption:The Red Sweater Lady).Tracy Goodwin has a masters in corporate communication and 10 years experience in professional speaking.

Her series of Video demonstrations  really unburden the great problem of Public Speaking!

Here’s a sample video of her demos on youtube:

There by please follow her series. I assure you – its going help a lot!

Tired of Forgetfulness?

18 Jun
Hi chum,

Do you think you have less remembrance power? Don’t worry, almost everybody feels so!

Forgetfulness is another common human tendency. Now, this problem isn’t restricted to a few people. Let’s not go deep into the problems of forgetfulness. 😉

Just follow some simple regular steps to improve your memory power.

  • Most importantly, first believe that you have a good memory power. Some people psychologically prepare themselves that they can never get rid of forgetfulness. This sort of thinking completely closes the gates
  • Organize your daily time-table neatly. Neatly arrange your phone numbers, tools etc, so that your mind is free from searching unnecessary activities.
  • Always plan your tasks in advance. Don’t wait until the last minute and thrash your brain at once.
  • A sound sleep is compulsory. After all, along with our body, our brain also gets charged up 🙂 !
  • Yogas, meditation or exercises help a lot! A general reason-“For A healthy mind”!

These simple little steps will surely help us. For a good memory, can’t we do these little things!