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XIX Common Wealth Games 2010 @delhi

1 Sep

The spirit of sports is what that makes it special. “Common Wealth Games” which happens only once for every 4 years is back again.

And this time, its special for the Indians, as it is being held at Delhi. (you all might have already known this!).

So, the basic statement is: “India is proudly organizing the Common Wealth Games 2010 ”

This auspicious event, which has become a sort of festival time for the sports lovers, starts from 3rd October and seems to entertain until the 14th of October!

The opening and closing ceremonies will be held at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium.

Recently, AR Rahman released its theme song too!  (listen and download)

Visit the Official site for more details

Little history: Common Wealth Games were first organized in 1911 when it was felt that there is a need for an international sports event, to unite the british colonies. By then, only four countries namely united Kingdom, Australia, Canada and South Africa participated in this event. The event included only boxing, swimming, wrestling and athletics in its initial years.


30 Aug
Hey guys CARPEDIEM, one of the top fest of India which has been celebrating since 2002 is coming again to rock you.
we the students of CBIT organising it every year very grandly and with same courage we are going forward.Every one is welcome to take part and participate in this fest.
There are many events waiting for you.Come on its time to bring out your talent………..for more details log on to

Mouse Fighter!

10 Aug

Mouse Fighter is a great software which helps you control the pointer with the help of your keyboard! Its an easy-to-use software.

Official Website of MouseFighter:

Keep it installed in your system, because..who knows when your mouse stops working and you need to operate the pointer immediately ;)..

I use it and found it very comfortable..


Heaviest Star Found!!!!!

25 Jul

Very recently, the scientists spotted the Brighest star ever, which is said to be 265 times that of sun. Very huge.. isn’t it? Its named R136a1. huh.. these names!!!  😉

It may once have been as much as 320 solar masses. (Note: 1 SolarMass = 1.988435×10^30 kg)!!! Sorry Reverend (Weight lifting Champion) and Great Khali, Even you can’t lift it 😉 !!

This weight is twice the weight of previously known heaviest stars. Such is its over-weight! May be thats the reason why its dieting. Yes! it is said that the star is losing weight with time.

An Astrophysicist, Crowther (University of Sheffield, Northern England) said, “Unlike humans, these stars are born heavy and lose weight as they age. R136a1 is already middle-aged and has undergone an intense weight loss programme”.

According to him, It was identified in a star cluster in the Tarantula Nebula drifting through one of the milkyway’s neighbouring galaxies.

Star Stats:

  • Named as R136a1
  • 320 SolarMasses and (reducing 50 solar masses evey few MILLION years. :))
  • Luminous Intensity ~ 8,700,700 times that of Sun 😮
  • The surface temperature on the temperature is 40,000 degress celsius (i.e, 7 times that of sun)

This Star became a “Star” over night!!!!!!!!!!!

Nick Bounty, A Case of the Crabs!

8 Jul

Superb mystery game! You are ‘Nick Bounty’ chasing the mystery and you..
Come’on, no more description, just play the game and enjoy the thrill of being a kind of detective. Just use your mouse to find the clues.

I like the mix of fun and spyness in it. Walkthroughs are available, but better don’t see them and solve it yourselves to have the full fun!
And I’m sure you will like it. You can even scold me “here” if you didn’t like it.

Copyright© 2004 MarkDarwin

60 Second Quiz !

8 Jul

Game has three levels. Easy, Medium and Hard. Check out your level!!!
Rules available once the game loads.

PDF speaks!!!

8 Jul
Did you know that your PDF file can speak?!

Yes, Adobe Reader can now read out the pdf documents using the “Read Out Loud” Feature. This feature is available in versions of Adobe Reader 6.0 and above.

The Short-Cut Keys to use “Read Out Loud”:

  • Activate/ Deactive Read Out Loud..:  Shift + Ctrl + Y
  • Read the Current Page only …………:  Shift + Ctrl + V
  • Read the Entire document …………..:  Shift + Ctrl + B
  • Pause Reading …………………………..:  Shift + Ctrl + C
  • Stop Reading …………………………….:  Shift + Ctrl+ E

Enjoy this cool feature!!!!!!!!