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Rainlendar, The desktop Calendar!

6 Jul

Did you ever think that you should have a calendar on your desktop. But you may step back, imagining all that non-sense on your front page.


But Rainlendar is much different. It is very light.  It has all the features, that we wish to have in a desktop calendar.

Features of free version:

  1. Platform Independent
  2. Localized
  3. Standards Compatible
  4. Look ‘n’ Feel
  5. Highly Customizable
  6. Multiple Calendars
  7. Import & Export older versions
  8. To-do List
  9. Alarms
  10. Recurrence
  11. Scripting
  12. Backups
  13. Printing
  14. Search

Its basic version is free and has all the features above…

Click Here to know learn each feature in detail.

For extra features, there is a Pro-version too with the following extra features:

  1. Shared Calendars
  2. Outlook Support (Windows users only)
  3. Google Calendar Support
  4. Remember the Milk Support
Click Here to learn each feature in detail
Hence, I can say that the free Rainlendar itself does the job for me. What about you!!!


Picture Puzzle::(easy)

5 Jul
Do you know the people in the below images:

Picture Puzzle 1:

The India’s cultural Ambassador to world. Guess who?

Picture Puzzle 2:

Free Image Hosting at Best form of entertainment ever lived! Guess Who?

Picture Puzzle 3:

Free Image Hosting at Slams away the titles. Guess who?

Picture Puzzle 4:

Free Image Hosting at A legend to his sport. Guess who?

Picture Puzzle 5:
Free Image Hosting at ‘Mother’ is a common description of her. Guess who?

hmm.. you may say, they are very easy. You answer this for this time… lets have a tough one next time!

To post your answers, “Leave us a reply here“.