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Nick Bounty, A Case of the Crabs!

8 Jul

Superb mystery game! You are ‘Nick Bounty’ chasing the mystery and you..
Come’on, no more description, just play the game and enjoy the thrill of being a kind of detective. Just use your mouse to find the clues.

I like the mix of fun and spyness in it. Walkthroughs are available, but better don’t see them and solve it yourselves to have the full fun!
And I’m sure you will like it. You can even scold me “here” if you didn’t like it.

Copyright© 2004 MarkDarwin

60 Second Quiz !

8 Jul

Game has three levels. Easy, Medium and Hard. Check out your level!!!
Rules available once the game loads.

Picture Puzzle::(easy)

5 Jul
Do you know the people in the below images:

Picture Puzzle 1:

The India’s cultural Ambassador to world. Guess who?

Picture Puzzle 2:

Free Image Hosting at Best form of entertainment ever lived! Guess Who?

Picture Puzzle 3:

Free Image Hosting at Slams away the titles. Guess who?

Picture Puzzle 4:

Free Image Hosting at A legend to his sport. Guess who?

Picture Puzzle 5:
Free Image Hosting at ‘Mother’ is a common description of her. Guess who?

hmm.. you may say, they are very easy. You answer this for this time… lets have a tough one next time!

To post your answers, “Leave us a reply here“.