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Run Commands (Complete List)

1 Aug

Have you ever used “RUN” in your computer! This feature is rarely used by most of us. But it simplifies commands over Control Panel or Its Utilities!!

Its always useful to us. But, you must know these RUN commands to use it!

Run Dialog Box

Here’s a list of commands: Continue reading

Battery plugged-in, but not charging??

29 Aug
Hi Chums,
I had a problem with my laptop a week ago. It wasn’t turning ON without the charger. I thought it was due to low battery. So I connected to charger and turned it ON. Tt was working good. But to my surprise, it wasn’t charging. It was stuck to 2%. When I remove the charger, it gets turned off.I thought I will have to replace my battery now. But there’s a simple solution to this.

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YouTube downloader..

29 Aug

Allows you to download videos from sites like youtube, google videos, myspace etc, and then convert them to various formats..

Download YouTube downloader from CNET..

Mouse Fighter!

10 Aug

Mouse Fighter is a great software which helps you control the pointer with the help of your keyboard! Its an easy-to-use software.

Official Website of MouseFighter:

Keep it installed in your system, because..who knows when your mouse stops working and you need to operate the pointer immediately ;)..

I use it and found it very comfortable..


Web Building Tutorials “w3schools”

1 Aug

Interested in learning  HTML, CSS, XML, Javascript, ASP, PHP etc., ?

W3SCHOOLS offers a free online tutorial to learn all these languages with ease. We get a basic knowledge by following this site regularly.

If you are really interested, no one can stop you!

Fix it yourself!

25 Jul

Is your Xbox not working. Or your car brokedown. Or your Iphone got wrong?

Any device or gadgets, you can repair them yourself now. How??

Ifixit is the answer.

Ifixit is a free repair manual that you can edit.
Any gadget or device.. like vehicles, game consoles, cameras, computer parts, ipads, media players, mobile devices etc., can be repaired by yourself now.

Ifixit helps you fix things yourself with their online step-by-step repair guides, troubleshooting tips and thriving community of repair technicians who want to help. They also sell parts that may be required for the repairing process.

You can even share your knowledge on repairing any device. Just visit the page and go on..

Indian Browser, Epic!

25 Jul

Epic is a new browser, especially designed for Indians!!! It is designed by the software development company “Hidden Reflex” (An indian company, first to develop a browser).

It is powered by Mozilla. Hence its tools, menubars, download speed, are similar to Firefox.. which is a positive point. It has an in-built antivirus, which scans all the downloads automatically and also provides us an  option to scan our system too. Thats amazing, isn’t it?

Well, the most important feature of this browser is yet to be explained. That is the sidebar. Its the first browser with a side bar. It has 1500+ applications in this sidebar. I tried them, and I really liked them. We can easily access facebook, orkut, twitter etc.. from this sidebar too.

And as it is an Indian browser.. It has two things that are specifically for Indians: 1.Extensive Indian Languages Support 2.Very Good Collection of Indian Themes and Wallpapers.

Click Here for additional details. (i.e,go to epicbrowser official website)!!!

I have used this and my ratings are 2.5/5