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Battery plugged-in, but not charging??

29 Aug
Hi Chums,
I had a problem with my laptop a week ago. It wasn’t turning ON without the charger. I thought it was due to low battery. So I connected to charger and turned it ON. Tt was working good. But to my surprise, it wasn’t charging. It was stuck to 2%. When I remove the charger, it gets turned off.I thought I will have to replace my battery now. But there’s a simple solution to this.

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YouTube downloader..

29 Aug

Allows you to download videos from sites like youtube, google videos, myspace etc, and then convert them to various formats..

Download YouTube downloader from CNET..

PDF speaks!!!

8 Jul
Did you know that your PDF file can speak?!

Yes, Adobe Reader can now read out the pdf documents using the “Read Out Loud” Feature. This feature is available in versions of Adobe Reader 6.0 and above.

The Short-Cut Keys to use “Read Out Loud”:

  • Activate/ Deactive Read Out Loud..:  Shift + Ctrl + Y
  • Read the Current Page only …………:  Shift + Ctrl + V
  • Read the Entire document …………..:  Shift + Ctrl + B
  • Pause Reading …………………………..:  Shift + Ctrl + C
  • Stop Reading …………………………….:  Shift + Ctrl+ E

Enjoy this cool feature!!!!!!!!

Rainlendar, The desktop Calendar!

6 Jul

Did you ever think that you should have a calendar on your desktop. But you may step back, imagining all that non-sense on your front page.


But Rainlendar is much different. It is very light.  It has all the features, that we wish to have in a desktop calendar.

Features of free version:

  1. Platform Independent
  2. Localized
  3. Standards Compatible
  4. Look ‘n’ Feel
  5. Highly Customizable
  6. Multiple Calendars
  7. Import & Export older versions
  8. To-do List
  9. Alarms
  10. Recurrence
  11. Scripting
  12. Backups
  13. Printing
  14. Search

Its basic version is free and has all the features above…

Click Here to know learn each feature in detail.

For extra features, there is a Pro-version too with the following extra features:

  1. Shared Calendars
  2. Outlook Support (Windows users only)
  3. Google Calendar Support
  4. Remember the Milk Support
Click Here to learn each feature in detail
Hence, I can say that the free Rainlendar itself does the job for me. What about you!!!

Mailing a Large File!

29 Jun

Now-a-days we are all habituated in sharing files with friends online. But we are limited to 5 MB per file in most of the services.

What if you want to send a larger file. It becomes difficult. Here’s a solution.


free mail big file

You can send upto 200 MB of files at a time for FREE.. and if you are ready to pay, you can even send 2 GB of files too.

The  free account doesn’t require any Registration.

Just upload the file. Give the “Send to” address and Send it! So easy!

Okay, looks like my friend needs the college function video, let me mail it to him 😉

Online Comics!

27 Jun
Hi Chum,

Well, who doesn’t love comics. But the thing is, we are not bothered about them these days. How many of you have searched for comics online.

An Internet freak will surely try everything online. And if you’re thinking to search online, you might have already Googled it too..

You will find many comic sites like:,, http://www.archiecomics.com,,

But First Check the Zark!!!!!!-

Comics are not childish. They are a form of entertainment to everyone!!!

Maths: Wolfram-Alpha & Mathway

26 Jun
Hi Chum,

Today we will discuss about the problem of mathematics.

While some love mathematics, some hate it to the hell.

Even a genius in maths gets stuck at some or the other calculation. Your calculator can only give you answers. Not the procedure of solutions. You get fed up. The maths haters simply leave the problem.

Now there is a great solution to such problem.

The best solutions to this problem are online.

1. Mathway &   2. WolframAlpha

Both of them help in giving the solution to any mathematics problem. Most of you might have know about Wolfram Alpha already.

Similarly, Mathway also helps a lot. Any higher calculations of Basic Math, Pre- Algebram, Algebra, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus can be solved. Its not only for students, It has tutor sections for parents as well as teachers.

Mathway gives step by step solution too, but we need to pay a little for that extra feature. While WolframAlpha is completely free, but not always it gives the steps. (For some problems, it gives steps too!)

Now, If you are thinking of which is better.. I say, why think when you can use both of them and opt the one according to the problem!!

And if you ask me which is better.. WolframAlpha has lot of extra features.. ! But occasionally Mathway can do the job for you, that wolfram doesn’t!