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XIX Common Wealth Games 2010 @delhi

1 Sep

The spirit of sports is what that makes it special. “Common Wealth Games” which happens only once for every 4 years is back again.

And this time, its special for the Indians, as it is being held at Delhi. (you all might have already known this!).

So, the basic statement is: “India is proudly organizing the Common Wealth Games 2010 ”

This auspicious event, which has become a sort of festival time for the sports lovers, starts from 3rd October and seems to entertain until the 14th of October!

The opening and closing ceremonies will be held at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium.

Recently, AR Rahman released its theme song too!  (listen and download)

Visit the Official site for more details

Little history: Common Wealth Games were first organized in 1911 when it was felt that there is a need for an international sports event, to unite the british colonies. By then, only four countries namely united Kingdom, Australia, Canada and South Africa participated in this event. The event included only boxing, swimming, wrestling and athletics in its initial years.

Aim it

1 Sep
Well every human being has some goals,wishes,dreams,etc.,and  some  will achieve them but some may not.Because they might not fight all the way for it.Of course every one will fight but there are some things which stops them in fighting…

1.”Laziness” which is the biggest enemy for every human being.

2.Do not having a specific goal.

3.Lack of concentration,mind deviation,etc

4.May be lack of good circumstances.

5.Over confidence

Of course there may be lot more but these are the major ones.

In order to achieve their goals one should not be lazy,he should be in a position to say what is laziness.Better being away from it rather than fighting against this enemy. physical laziness leads to mental laziness.So first be perfect physically.Morning jogging,gym,exercises,will help you a lot. so let us practise them.

Next thing is not having a specific goal.this is the most common thing in many students.they want to do every thing or not any thing.they should know which one will suits them better.It is always encouraging in the thing  he/she  interested.so first choose your goal.

Concentration is most important thing.Without that one can do nothing.one should improve his concentration power more and more.so practising meditation yoga is always encouraging.
well actually to say there is nothing like good and bad circumstances every thing lies in our thinking and our hands.find best one in your way itself and try to be top in the field you in and you choose.so one can change his fate he/she can turn his bad luck to good luck

And finally over confidence.It creates all the above things.No one help the one who has over confidence.so let be confidence but not over.

There is a good comparision of human being with fire.Man from his birth will be burning always.Burning with hunger,wish,money,to live,temper,etc,. we are divided into two catogories one burning like wood and finally endup as ash and other burning like a lamp and showing the way to others

“So do not end up as just ash but show some way to others before you become ash”.

YouTube downloader..

29 Aug

Allows you to download videos from sites like youtube, google videos, myspace etc, and then convert them to various formats..

Download YouTube downloader from CNET..

O yaaro, ye INDIA Bula liya.. CWG 2010 theme song by AR RAHMAN!!

29 Aug

AR Rahman does it again:
(The Player loads here:)

Great Work by AR rahman… Check it out..

Download in MP3 format


Oh yaaro, yeh India bulaa liya
Diwaano yeh India bulaa liya (bulaa liya)

Yeh toh khel hai
Bada mel hai
Mila diya (mila diya)
Yeh toh khel hai
Bada mel hai
Mila diya (mila diya)

Oh rukna rukna rukna rukna rukna nahi
Haarna haarna haarna haarna haarna nahi
Junoon se kanoon se maidaan maar lo

Let’s go, let’s go

Play o jiyo heyo let’s go
Play o jiyo heyo let’s go

Oh yaaro, yeh India bulaa liya
Diwaano yeh India bulaa liya, bulaa liya

Parvat sa uncha hoon dhun toh yeh
Duniya salaami de
Sardil iraade na ho jaayein kahin
Dil toh bas suraj dale

Jiyo utho badho jeeto
Tera mera jahaan let’s go

Kaisi saji hai saji hai dekho maati apni
Bani rashke jahaan yaara ho
Kai rang hai boli hai kai desh hai magan
Yahin jag hai samaaya saara ho

Oo oo
Laagi re ab laagi re lagan, oo oo
Jaagi re mann jeet ki agan, oo oo
Uthi re ab iraadon mein tapan, oo oo
Chali re dholi chali ban than

>>English Rap<<

Play o jiyo heyo let’s go

Kadamon mein ik bhanwar ka hai din
Jashn ka aaj din hai
Seeno mein toofan ka hai din
Baazu aasman yeh din hai
Yeh din hai
Yeh raat din hai
Tu zor laga chal aankh mila
Dhal na aaye din yeh

Jiyo utho badho jeeto
Play o jiyo heyo let’s go
Jiyo utho badho jeeto
Tera mera jahaan let’s go

Someone can help me fill that english Rap!

The Art of Writing

4 Aug

Writing a GOOD essay. What do you think of this. Is it very easy? Or its almost impossible to you. In both the cases, you are wrong.

When you are thinking of writing an essay, you should remember these few things in mind.

  • For whom am I writing this?
  • Remember the purpose behind your essay.
  • Question “Will the reader understand this?”
  • See that it makes clear and focussed points
  • Don’t add unnecessary content that may waste your readers time.
  • Arrange the essay in an organised order, with head at top, and legs to bottom!

No one writes perfectly. Read as many articles as you can. You can read from anywhere like books, magazines, web articles, novels etc,. And always note the things that attracted you in those articles. Avoid Grammar mistakes and Spelling mistakes!

You may not achieve it immediately, but keep on writing, writing and writing.. so on until you write the best..

All the best.!!

Web Building Tutorials “w3schools”

1 Aug

Interested in learning  HTML, CSS, XML, Javascript, ASP, PHP etc., ?

W3SCHOOLS offers a free online tutorial to learn all these languages with ease. We get a basic knowledge by following this site regularly.

If you are really interested, no one can stop you!

Heaviest Star Found!!!!!

25 Jul

Very recently, the scientists spotted the Brighest star ever, which is said to be 265 times that of sun. Very huge.. isn’t it? Its named R136a1. huh.. these names!!!  😉

It may once have been as much as 320 solar masses. (Note: 1 SolarMass = 1.988435×10^30 kg)!!! Sorry Reverend (Weight lifting Champion) and Great Khali, Even you can’t lift it 😉 !!

This weight is twice the weight of previously known heaviest stars. Such is its over-weight! May be thats the reason why its dieting. Yes! it is said that the star is losing weight with time.

An Astrophysicist, Crowther (University of Sheffield, Northern England) said, “Unlike humans, these stars are born heavy and lose weight as they age. R136a1 is already middle-aged and has undergone an intense weight loss programme”.

According to him, It was identified in a star cluster in the Tarantula Nebula drifting through one of the milkyway’s neighbouring galaxies.

Star Stats:

  • Named as R136a1
  • 320 SolarMasses and (reducing 50 solar masses evey few MILLION years. :))
  • Luminous Intensity ~ 8,700,700 times that of Sun 😮
  • The surface temperature on the temperature is 40,000 degress celsius (i.e, 7 times that of sun)

This Star became a “Star” over night!!!!!!!!!!!

Fix it yourself!

25 Jul

Is your Xbox not working. Or your car brokedown. Or your Iphone got wrong?

Any device or gadgets, you can repair them yourself now. How??

Ifixit is the answer.

Ifixit is a free repair manual that you can edit.
Any gadget or device.. like vehicles, game consoles, cameras, computer parts, ipads, media players, mobile devices etc., can be repaired by yourself now.

Ifixit helps you fix things yourself with their online step-by-step repair guides, troubleshooting tips and thriving community of repair technicians who want to help. They also sell parts that may be required for the repairing process.

You can even share your knowledge on repairing any device. Just visit the page and go on..

GW: Do the best today!

13 Jul

“The best preparation for tomorrow is to do the best today”
H. Jackson Brown

Say Sorry to ‘Worry’!

12 Jul

What can be a very good example t0 a Silent-Killer…..???
The answer to this question should surely be …”Worry”.

What could be worse than a horror movie not reaching its climax? Worry is very much similar to this. Our thoughts roam around a particular point however far we try to travel.

So, from now on, when you think of worrying.. please remember its destructive effects on your health and your life. Sometimes we experience a sense of intoxication or dooming kind of feeling, which is due to too much of worry and anxiety. Thinking the negative effects of the present, past and the future leads to worry.

The people who keep consistently thinking of the negative aspects of life, and consistently focus on only the bad times of their life, end up with losing the capacity to face the challenges of life. They are just closing their eyes towards the brighter side of life. They forget to (or just don’t want to ) see the positivity!

What the Holy Books Say of Worry?

There are millions of quotes that resemble the above verses in Quran!!!!


There are millions of quotes that resemble the above verses in Bible!!!!

Not only them, almost all the holy books say this.

So, Stop worrying. Trust your god.. Trust in whatever you do.. And believe that there is no need of worry in our life.
Question yourself the use of worry. The answer will show you the way!!!!!

All the best in every step of your life!