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Happy Father’s Day!

20 Jun
Father’s day is a day of honour to every father for everything he did for his children!

When is Father’s day?:
Its the “third sunday of June” for most of the countries

And its not same for all countries. In some countries like Australia and New zealand, Father’s day is on first sunday of September!

How did this start?

It is said that 4000 years ago, in Babylon, a son named Elmesu carved a clay card wishing his father a long and healthy life! No one knows what happened to this father-son story, but several countries retained this custom of celebrating Father’s day!

At Present Day:

Now, the father’s day has become hugely famous. All the fathers are wished by their children and gifted with various presents like flowers, bouquets etc., What more can I describe that is unknown to you?

Happy father’s day!