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Tired of Forgetfulness?

18 Jun
Hi chum,

Do you think you have less remembrance power? Don’t worry, almost everybody feels so!

Forgetfulness is another common human tendency. Now, this problem isn’t restricted to a few people. Let’s not go deep into the problems of forgetfulness. 😉

Just follow some simple regular steps to improve your memory power.

  • Most importantly, first believe that you have a good memory power. Some people psychologically prepare themselves that they can never get rid of forgetfulness. This sort of thinking completely closes the gates
  • Organize your daily time-table neatly. Neatly arrange your phone numbers, tools etc, so that your mind is free from searching unnecessary activities.
  • Always plan your tasks in advance. Don’t wait until the last minute and thrash your brain at once.
  • A sound sleep is compulsory. After all, along with our body, our brain also gets charged up 🙂 !
  • Yogas, meditation or exercises help a lot! A general reason-“For A healthy mind”!

These simple little steps will surely help us. For a good memory, can’t we do these little things!