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Need For Sleep!

29 Jun
One of the most important daily task of life is a “Sleep”! Well slept at night, wakes you healthy in the morning to the rest of the day!

The modern day lifestyle is reducing the sleep time of an individual. While some suffer the lack of time to sleep, the other feel it difficult to sleep due to several personal issues.

Lack of time: The minimum time of sleep required for an individual differs by age group!

  • Newborns – 16 to 18 hours a day
  • Children of pre-school – 10 to 12 hours a day
  • School aged and teen – 9 hours of sleep a night
  • Adults – 7 to 8 hours a day

It is a must that we manage to fulfill this amount of sleep a day, irrespective whatever works we have. How you manage is up to you!

Unable to sleep: This is the most frustrating thing. Your mind thinking a billion. You keep tossing and turning round the bed.

These are the tricks for you to follow:

  • Reduce day time sleep. Night sleep is more essential. If you sleep, it must be until the 3 pm only.
  • Follow a regular time. Go to bed the same time every day. Even on weekends, don’t break your chain.
  • Keep coffee and cola away by the sunset. All those things that contain caffein, alcohol and nicotine like coffee, tea, even chocolate must be avoided.
  • Have a light snack before bed. Drinking slightly boiled milk gives a warm sleep too.
  • Take a hot bath before one hour of sleep. This will make sleep hold you very tightly 😉
  • Make sure your environment supports sleep. A cooler and noiseless room is suggested for a good sleep.
  • If you are unable to sleep for more than 15-20 mins , get up! Then start doing something really boring, like reading some General Knowledge books. But don’t switch on the bright lights..

Have a deep sleep. Good Night. Sweet Dreams! 😉

Suffering from Anger?

18 Jun
As we all know that “Anger” is a strong human emotion. Everyone feels this emotion. But some may be literally addicted to it. They feel angry on every little thing.

However, in any proportions, anger is a weapon of self-destruction. It makes you loose focus on what is  right and what is wrong. It makes you scream at your friends and  family. By the time you notice it, even you cannot forgive yourself.

Reading this, some of you might think of determining not to get angry again. But trust me thats temporary. You will forget after a few minutes.

So, if you really want to control your anger, try to follow these steps seriously:

  • Whenever you feel like getting angry, take a deep breath. Say to yourself  “Take it easy. I’m cool!”
  • Question yourself- “Is it necessary for me to fight. Or let it go by keeping myself silent?”
  • Assure yourself that only the other person is wrong and be proud as you are doing great to forgive him. And thereby keeping a difference between him and you.
  • Take a walk. The brain gives us a sense of well-being on walk!
  • Try to remember a puzzle that you were try to solve. And start thinking of that solution. (i.e, divert yourself from the current situation)
  • Anger levels are high when there is a lot of traffic in your brain. Calm down. Think of what all the tasks you have to do one by one and say to each task- “I will keep it aside for now and think about it later”. With this you are actually working as a traffic police.

I hope by following the above steps, you may reduce your angry levels.

Remember: If you succeed in reducing your anger, you will be called “The Cool Guy” by your companions ;)!