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Aim it

1 Sep
Well every human being has some goals,wishes,dreams,etc.,and  some  will achieve them but some may not.Because they might not fight all the way for it.Of course every one will fight but there are some things which stops them in fighting…

1.”Laziness” which is the biggest enemy for every human being.

2.Do not having a specific goal.

3.Lack of concentration,mind deviation,etc

4.May be lack of good circumstances.

5.Over confidence

Of course there may be lot more but these are the major ones.

In order to achieve their goals one should not be lazy,he should be in a position to say what is laziness.Better being away from it rather than fighting against this enemy. physical laziness leads to mental laziness.So first be perfect physically.Morning jogging,gym,exercises,will help you a lot. so let us practise them.

Next thing is not having a specific goal.this is the most common thing in many students.they want to do every thing or not any thing.they should know which one will suits them better.It is always encouraging in the thing  he/she  interested.so first choose your goal.

Concentration is most important thing.Without that one can do nothing.one should improve his concentration power more and more.so practising meditation yoga is always encouraging.
well actually to say there is nothing like good and bad circumstances every thing lies in our thinking and our hands.find best one in your way itself and try to be top in the field you in and you choose.so one can change his fate he/she can turn his bad luck to good luck

And finally over confidence.It creates all the above things.No one help the one who has over confidence.so let be confidence but not over.

There is a good comparision of human being with fire.Man from his birth will be burning always.Burning with hunger,wish,money,to live,temper,etc,. we are divided into two catogories one burning like wood and finally endup as ash and other burning like a lamp and showing the way to others

“So do not end up as just ash but show some way to others before you become ash”.

GW: Mother Says..

3 Jul

“If you start judging people, you will have no time to love them ”
Mother Teresa

Need For Sleep!

29 Jun
One of the most important daily task of life is a “Sleep”! Well slept at night, wakes you healthy in the morning to the rest of the day!

The modern day lifestyle is reducing the sleep time of an individual. While some suffer the lack of time to sleep, the other feel it difficult to sleep due to several personal issues.

Lack of time: The minimum time of sleep required for an individual differs by age group!

  • Newborns – 16 to 18 hours a day
  • Children of pre-school – 10 to 12 hours a day
  • School aged and teen – 9 hours of sleep a night
  • Adults – 7 to 8 hours a day

It is a must that we manage to fulfill this amount of sleep a day, irrespective whatever works we have. How you manage is up to you!

Unable to sleep: This is the most frustrating thing. Your mind thinking a billion. You keep tossing and turning round the bed.

These are the tricks for you to follow:

  • Reduce day time sleep. Night sleep is more essential. If you sleep, it must be until the 3 pm only.
  • Follow a regular time. Go to bed the same time every day. Even on weekends, don’t break your chain.
  • Keep coffee and cola away by the sunset. All those things that contain caffein, alcohol and nicotine like coffee, tea, even chocolate must be avoided.
  • Have a light snack before bed. Drinking slightly boiled milk gives a warm sleep too.
  • Take a hot bath before one hour of sleep. This will make sleep hold you very tightly 😉
  • Make sure your environment supports sleep. A cooler and noiseless room is suggested for a good sleep.
  • If you are unable to sleep for more than 15-20 mins , get up! Then start doing something really boring, like reading some General Knowledge books. But don’t switch on the bright lights..

Have a deep sleep. Good Night. Sweet Dreams! 😉

Unnecesary Struggles in life?

21 Jun
There are many instances in life where we feel that we are struggling a lot. We lose patience. We wonder why we need to struggle so much.

Listen to this story of “Mr.Chetan and the little moth”, and lets see if your opinion about struggle remains same!

One day, Mr. Chetan found a cocoon of a moth. He wished to see the moth coming out of the cocoon and kept the cocoon with him. Later, one day he observed an opening in the cocoon and with an anxiety waited several hours to see the moth come out of it.

There it is! the moth was now appearing and was struggling to come out of the cocoon. But it was difficult. It was working very hard to come out of it. And at an instance, it was stuck and looked like it stopped trying. So, Mr.Chetan couldn’t see this and gave his helping hand. He slit open the cocoon and the moth could easily get out of it. Mr.Chetan was proud of himself and was now waiting for the moth to grow its wing and fly.

But it didn’t happen. Not for that day..  and not for a week. In fact, the moth led the left of its life crawling with its swollen body and flightless wings.  The innocent Chetan couldn’t understand a simple thing, that the little  struggle was necessary for the moth to develop the fluid force of its body.!

“The moth lost its capacity to fly in freedom, as it did not struggle the time it should”

Hence sometimes, Struggle is very much necessary in life!