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Aim it

1 Sep
Well every human being has some goals,wishes,dreams,etc.,and  some  will achieve them but some may not.Because they might not fight all the way for it.Of course every one will fight but there are some things which stops them in fighting…

1.”Laziness” which is the biggest enemy for every human being.

2.Do not having a specific goal.

3.Lack of concentration,mind deviation,etc

4.May be lack of good circumstances.

5.Over confidence

Of course there may be lot more but these are the major ones.

In order to achieve their goals one should not be lazy,he should be in a position to say what is laziness.Better being away from it rather than fighting against this enemy. physical laziness leads to mental laziness.So first be perfect physically.Morning jogging,gym,exercises,will help you a lot. so let us practise them.

Next thing is not having a specific goal.this is the most common thing in many students.they want to do every thing or not any thing.they should know which one will suits them better.It is always encouraging in the thing  he/she  interested.so first choose your goal.

Concentration is most important thing.Without that one can do nothing.one should improve his concentration power more and more.so practising meditation yoga is always encouraging.
well actually to say there is nothing like good and bad circumstances every thing lies in our thinking and our hands.find best one in your way itself and try to be top in the field you in and you choose.so one can change his fate he/she can turn his bad luck to good luck

And finally over confidence.It creates all the above things.No one help the one who has over confidence.so let be confidence but not over.

There is a good comparision of human being with fire.Man from his birth will be burning always.Burning with hunger,wish,money,to live,temper,etc,. we are divided into two catogories one burning like wood and finally endup as ash and other burning like a lamp and showing the way to others

“So do not end up as just ash but show some way to others before you become ash”.

Day & Night ~ Life

7 Jul
Hi Chum,

Today, I was thinking about one of the wonderful creations of god. “The day and night”. How they resemble our life, is awesome.

Day & Night describe the Happiness & Sorrow of our Life. After a warm day, there is sure to be a dark night. Similarly, there ought to be some worrisome time in our life.

When a night comes, we are not shocked. We don’t feel bad about it. We don’t cry on it. Because, we know that there’s surely a bright day ahead. Instead of crying, we enjoy the beauty of night.

But then, why are we so glum and sad towards some silly bad times of our lives? There’s sure to be a happy day light towards the other end of the dark time. So, why do we get so scared of it?

The day looks bright only because we see the night. Similarly, The happiness also looks as a boon only after seeing the glum.

So, don’t let the difficult times be hard on to you. Pray to God. Trust him. He is  always with you. All these small interruptions shouldn’t deviate your way from success. So, Don’t worry.. Be Happy!

All the best in every step of your life!