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Maths: Wolfram-Alpha & Mathway

26 Jun
Hi Chum,

Today we will discuss about the problem of mathematics.

While some love mathematics, some hate it to the hell.

Even a genius in maths gets stuck at some or the other calculation. Your calculator can only give you answers. Not the procedure of solutions. You get fed up. The maths haters simply leave the problem.

Now there is a great solution to such problem.

The best solutions to this problem are online.

1. Mathway &   2. WolframAlpha

Both of them help in giving the solution to any mathematics problem. Most of you might have know about Wolfram Alpha already.

Similarly, Mathway also helps a lot. Any higher calculations of Basic Math, Pre- Algebram, Algebra, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus can be solved. Its not only for students, It has tutor sections for parents as well as teachers.

Mathway gives step by step solution too, but we need to pay a little for that extra feature. While WolframAlpha is completely free, but not always it gives the steps. (For some problems, it gives steps too!)

Now, If you are thinking of which is better.. I say, why think when you can use both of them and opt the one according to the problem!!

And if you ask me which is better.. WolframAlpha has lot of extra features.. ! But occasionally Mathway can do the job for you, that wolfram doesn’t!