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What is Ping?

20 Jun
Heard this word a lot. But many of us don’t know about this. Let’s clarify it.

PING, as a verb, means “to check the presence of”, and in computer terms, its abbreviation is “Packet Inter-Network Groper”.

Now, as the name suggests, PING is a process of finding whether a particular computer is present in the network of our computer.

For example, consider two systems of IP addresses
System’A’:  “ ”  and
System’B’:  “”

To check whether they both are in network connection, from System ‘B’, open command promt. (Start -> Run -> type CMD) there type: ping <space> (i.e, the IP address of A).

If you get a reply, that means system A is in Network with B. else they are not reachable to each other!

A sample screenshot:

So, go and check the computers in your network!