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Make FREE international Calls using yahoo messenger!

21 Jun

“This trick no longer seems to work! Sorry”

Yes, its true. You can now make free international calls just using your yahoo messenger! with the magic number “18003733411” :)! (this is not any hacking or something. Its purely legal, and possible due to FREE411 service for their ads)

Before we start to know the procedure, let me tell you that it is necessary to sign up to yahoo voice. If you already have its ok, but if not, sign up here. (Sign up requires your credit card info ūüė¶ )
  • Open your yahoo messenger.
  • Open Actions > Call a phone number.
  • Now make a call to the number +18003733411.
  • Now they will give you some options, select free call.
  • For this, you have to say “FREE CALL” loudly on the phone, when asked. (its based on voice recognition)
  • Listen to short ad, and continue to your ad.
  • You can speak for 5 minutes (sometimes 7 mins).
  • Enjoy speaking to distant countries for FREE!!!
This is a FREE411 service.. So, being a freebie, we may have to listen to their ads. In turn, we get a free call of 5 mins.If necessary, you can  repeat the procedure unlimited times to speak as much time as you need.

Note: This Trick no longer seems to work, sorry !!