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The Giant “Goliath” vs. An ordinary “David”

10 Jun
Hi Chum, Let me tell me a short story of David and Goliath. Then tell me what you learnt from it!

Goliath- A Nine feet giant of Philistine

David- A young shepherd of Israel, the youngest son of Jesse

…It was a war between Israel and Philistine. The armies faced each other for battle, on the opposite sides of the steep valley. Israel had to face the Giant Nine feet tall Goliath of Philistine. The whole army and even Saul,the then King of Israel was terrified of him.

But surprisingly, there was a volunteer from Israel willing to fight again Goliath. He was David. A young shepherd. The king had to finally agree to him and sent him to the war against Goliath.

David just went to the war, without any sword or armor. He just had the shepherds tools i.e., the slingshot and a pouch of stones. But the biggest weapon he had was his trust in Lord Almighty.

Goliath took it as fun and moved forward to kill him. David reached his bag, slung one of his stones onto Goliath’s head. The stone, finding a hole in the armor of Goliath and sunk into his forehead. The monster fell face down on the ground. This weakened the Philistines and led to Israels victory.



The story has something to say :

While the whole army looked at the giant as a big unbeatable demon, David looked at Goliath at a different perspective that he was just another mortal human defying the Almighty God.

Hence, if we look at the giant problems from David’s point of view, we will realize that god is with us and he will fight for us. The only thing we need to do is trust him and just put in our efforts with confidence.

So friends, Do you think you have a terribly giant problem? or may be you have a good tough and challenging task to be solved with the trust in god!

Reference:  Bible