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5 Jul

It is a very tough situation to face, when we are about to know our  exam results. The thought about negative results breaks us down. And.. By any chance, or any reason.. If we get failed.. it is obvious that we get upset and frustrated.

Some do not care about it, but there are a few who opt to kill themselves! Isn’t it foolish?!

Not only in exams, in any aspect of your life, there are several situations that may appear to be ironical. But its just a part of life!

Everyone of us, should recognize that failing is not a curse at all. It is the first step of success. Do you know about Einstein..?! He  had failed in his examinations too and the unbelievable thing is, that he was scared of mathematics untill his secondary education.  But see, He has been the person who had used the brain more than anyone else in the world so far! So, you never know what the life has left ahead for you!


Unnecesary Struggles in life?

21 Jun
There are many instances in life where we feel that we are struggling a lot. We lose patience. We wonder why we need to struggle so much.

Listen to this story of “Mr.Chetan and the little moth”, and lets see if your opinion about struggle remains same!

One day, Mr. Chetan found a cocoon of a moth. He wished to see the moth coming out of the cocoon and kept the cocoon with him. Later, one day he observed an opening in the cocoon and with an anxiety waited several hours to see the moth come out of it.

There it is! the moth was now appearing and was struggling to come out of the cocoon. But it was difficult. It was working very hard to come out of it. And at an instance, it was stuck and looked like it stopped trying. So, Mr.Chetan couldn’t see this and gave his helping hand. He slit open the cocoon and the moth could easily get out of it. Mr.Chetan was proud of himself and was now waiting for the moth to grow its wing and fly.

But it didn’t happen. Not for that day..  and not for a week. In fact, the moth led the left of its life crawling with its swollen body and flightless wings.  The innocent Chetan couldn’t understand a simple thing, that the little  struggle was necessary for the moth to develop the fluid force of its body.!

“The moth lost its capacity to fly in freedom, as it did not struggle the time it should”

Hence sometimes, Struggle is very much necessary in life!