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Take a screenshot of your screen!!

17 Jun
Many people don’t know this. Infact, I too came to know about this a lot later!   “You can actually take a screenshot/ snapshot/ a photo of your current screen without installing any software!”

And this can be simply done by a very much ignored key on your keyboard.

The “Print screen” often shared with “SysRq” botton

Step By Step:

  • Open the page that you want to take a screenshot of.
  • If you want to snapshot the whole screen, just click “Print Screen”/”SysReq”
  • Or if you want to snapshot just the open window, click “Alt+ PrintScreen“, i.e, hold “Alt” while clicking “print screen”.
  • Now open a new MS Paint document ( Start -> Programs -> Accesories -> Paint )  Note: you can even use Ms Word!
  • Now click on Edit menu and then  select Paste (or just press Ctrl + V )
  • Done, your image is in front of you. Just save the paint document (Ctrl+S)

A Sample Screenshot of my screen: (Click to view full size)

Sample screenshot

So, Enjoy snapshotting your screen!

Note: If you have “picasa web album” installed and running, then as soon as you click “print screen” image will be saved and the next steps can be skipped!