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Interviews and Placements Guide

1 Aug

Are you getting ready for placements! Undoubtedly, most of us rely on internet for our preparation. But, we sometimes, we get so involved in searching for the sites instead of the actual practice.

That is why, I am listing a few useful sites which will be very much useful during your practice! The following sites will help you a lot in the preparation:

1. M4Maths: 

I consider this as the best site which will help you  clear the written test! It has all varieties of questions papers from various written tests of several companies. Practice the respective papers before attending the company. Cover as many papers as you can and don’t waste time for the one’s which trouble you!

2. FreshersWorld: 

This one is also similar to M4Maths.  Its upto you, how you choose the papers from both the sites! Improving your aptitude skills is the main motto!

3. Indiabix:

Keep referring this site whenever you are free. It covers almost all the key subjects. By reading them, you gain the knowledge  which helps you a lot in the technical rounds and some of the bits in written test too.

4. TechPreparation: 

This has resources for all the rounds of a placement process. You will find aptitude questions, interview questions, placement papers, guides to improve your soft skills, resume writing etc. On a whole it covers almost everything!

– All the above sites will help you to clear all the rounds in a placement, but for final HR round, you need to be yourselves! You should know about you, your strengths, your weaknesses, your achievements and whatever you speak, be truthful and be confident!

– There are many other sites similar to the sites I have listed. If you want the alternatives, Just google them 😉 I am only describing the sites that I have already used and found useful and according to me, they are more than enough!

Final word – “Finding the resources will not be enough. Effective usage is all that matters!”