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Criticism :x

25 Jun

Analysis of facts and expressing it to the concerned person is Criticism.

Well, you may have faced it. Or, you may criticized some other person.

Sometimes it is good, as it helps the criticized person to think and transform. Such criticism is Constructive criticism.

But it is problematic when it takes the face of just finding fault with others. This is Destructive Criticism. Lets talk only about this type of criticism now!

How to face Destructive Criticism?

When you feel that the other person is criticising you, first try to accept it positively. See if there is any truth in it. If you find that the blame was true, then you know what to do! But if the other person is unnecessarily criticising you, it’s the tough time. Control your anger. Remember, fight isn’t going help from such people. Best solution, trust me, is to ignore such critiques.

Check yourself too

Sometime you may also criticise someone and  you may not notice that the other person hates it. Always make sure you don’t hurt others. If you slipped your tongue by any means, then ask your friend if it hurt him and apologise immediately.

Some people are addicted to criticising others. Such people, please remember, “Before saying anything to others, do check yourself!”